(Written 3 June 2012)

Dear All,

I have been a Western Province rugby supporter for 40 years! And while I always enjoy a Stormers win over the Bulls (perhaps not as much as I used to relish a WP victory over the old Northern Transvaal), I must say that the unlikely 19 – 14 win on 2 June at Loftus has left me with mixed feelings.

With only some 30% of the possession, very little constructive attacking play, and a concentration on defence in which the Stormers’ “tackles made” outnumber those of the Bulls by more than 3:1, this certainty was an unusual win. The Sunday Times described the Stormers’ approach as ‘rope-a-dope’ which is probably an accurate description of the game.

Rope-a-dope: Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman in the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle

I cannot agree with the view that it does not matter how you win… as long as you win. There is always something a bit unsettling when the best team does not come out on top. Sure there was great defence by the Stormers, but the Bulls played the better rugby; something I never could have said in the 1970s.