(Written 30 Aug 2010)
Dear All,
I caught the tail end of an SAFM radio discussion this morning, the topic of which seemed to be about affirmative action, BEE or some such. One of the participants sounded like a youngish white guy and as the program drew to a close he was asked whether he felt positive about his future in South Africa; presumably because the preceding discussion would have been banging on the old drum of how affirmative action policies HAVE to be made to work despite the distinct possibility that such statutory discrimination may discourage skilled whites.
His airy reply went something like: “I’m very positive because this country needs skills (I take it he has the skills he had in mind) and for those who find a way to live inclusively, the future in South Africa looks bright.” The quote is not verbatim, but he definitely used the phrase “live inclusively” in setting the condition for success by skilled white people. My problem is that I don’t know what “living inclusively” means.
May I suggest that we hold a competition in which the prize for the best explanation for “living inclusively” is a copy of Tenderpreneuring for Dummies (foreword by Julius Malema?), or the complete collection of Ethics in Government as presented at the ANC’s political school, presently under the principalship of Tony Yengeni.
Let me know what you think “living inclusively” in this context may be.