(Written 18 Dec 2010)
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain –      (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5)
Dear All,
In a radio interview on Cape Talk on the morning of 18 December, Helen Zille made an interesting prediction. After telling us what a charming person is Jacob Zuma, she went on to predict that (in 20 years time) he will be remembered as the President who destroyed the Constitution of South Africa.
And when asked about the level of debate on this important issue in the country, she made the point that while the Zuma administration was steadily undermining the Judiciary and securing the National Prosecuting Authority in the ANC pocket, the media raged on about petty “booing” and a silly personal spat between Julius Malema and the Communist Party.
I think she may be right. I think that despite the ANC rhetoric that they brought this wonderful Constitution into being and therefore they will defend it to the bitter end, their actions tell a different story. In an alarmingly growing number of instances, the official ANC practise of patronage, cronyism and cadre deployment has resulted in so many incompetent and corrupt comrades in need protection from the law – including the President himself – that there is no way back for them.
The ANC cannot afford to let the Law take its course.