(Written 5 Aug 2011)
Dear All,
Pliny the Younger*, in a letter to the historian Tacitus wrote of his uncle, Pliny the Elder, “For my part I deem those blessed to whom, by favour of the gods, it has been granted either to do what is worth writing of, or to write what is worth reading; above measure blessed those on whom both gifts have been conferred.”
With this in mind, may I recommend Iain’s posting on the following travel blog:
http://www.oldworldwandering.com/2011/06/06/the-curse-of-gokarna-india/The piece holds a number of profound ideas: Like that of the world being introduced to the Atmalinga (see article) with each generation… or is it the other way round? And the depression experienced by new-age tourists as they destroy what has given them new-found freedom; and the stark meeting at the internet cafe of ancient and modern interpretations of how the world works; and the notion that somehow there exists in Africa a deep truth, hinted at by some colonialist and earnestly believed by an honest man – whose honesty has prevented him from accumulating material wealth.

As I wrote to Iain, it is the kind of experience and writing that may colour the lenses through which one views the world for the rest of one’s life.