(Written 3 Oct 2011)
Dear All,
An interesting result is given below (assuming it is correct), when one considers that Malema was re-relected unanimously as the ANCYL president earlier this year.
There were claims at the time that the voting within the ANCYL provincial branches had been rigged and/or that delegates had been coerced into voting for him. Perhaps he has ‘railroaded’ the Youth League?

“A recent survey shows Malema’s support has been on a steady decline since 2009.
2009 – 27%
2010 – 21%
2011 – 17%

Researchers found differences to the question “I support what Julius Malema says and does” in different race groups.

Blacks came out at 26 percent (30 percent last year), whites two percent (five percent), coloureds four percent (four percent) and Indians/Asians none (seven percent).

TNS said there were significant gender differences, with 20 percent of men supporting Malema, compared with 15 percent of women.

Among blacks, 31 percent of men supported him and 22 percent of women.

Malema’s support levels reached 23 percent among the unemployed and 16 percent among the employed.

By age group, he had the support of 26 percent of people between 18 and 24, and 22 percent of those between 25 and 34. His support dropped to seven percent among people aged 35 to 49.

The studies were conducted among 1260 blacks, 385 whites, 240 coloureds and 115 Indians/Asians.