(Written 5 Aug 2011)
Dear All,
The following is an extract from David Bullard’s article titled Julius Malema’s erectile dysfunction – 09/03/2010 (Subsequently published in Out to lunch… ungagged, Burnet Media, 2011, pg. 173.)  The idea expressed that Malema poses a serious threat is well made and is worth distribution.
The antics of Julius Malema may be good for a laugh now but they remind me of the early days of Idi Amin. Young JuJu is already allowed to travel in a car with no number plates with no fear of prosecution. He refuses to give answers to the media as to how he acquired such wealth in such a short time and he may even enjoy special status with the Receiver of Revenue. In the face of overwhelming evidence that he’s a sleazebag, the ruling party remain silent. Perhaps they have their own plans for JuJu but maybe they are quietly chuckling to themselves and saying “that’s my boy”. If it’s the latter then we really are up shit creek without a paddle.
We will look back on 2010 not as the year we hosted the FIFA World Cup but as the year the cancer that destroyed the country was first detected and identified. We’ve had some low lifes before and many of them from the ANCYL, but Malema’s combination of stupidity, greed and arrogance plus his willingness and ability to lie with a straight face make him a man to be feared. We may be chortling at his antics now but we won’t be laughing when his goons start kicking in the heads of his political enemies. If JuJu wants something JuJu gets it, so there’ll be no argument about the nationalisation of the mines whatever JZ may have said to Gordon Brown. It won’t be JZ’s government any more so it will have been no lie for him to say that “my government have no plans to nationalise the mines”. Things change quickly in Africa and a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on as Sam Goldwyn (was reported) once to have said.
And the media won’t fare too well either. JuJu will by that time have declared himself emperor for life and will be throwing huge parties and feeding the likes of Stephen Grootes and Justice Malala to his pet lions and videoing it for YouTube.
If you think Malema is a joke look at his supporters. Are they livid that he has bilked the poor and lives a life of luxury? Of course not. To them he is the man who, along with people like Jimmy Manyi, is finally going to put the whites in their place. These are the chaps whose destiny it is to foment racial hatred. It’s only a matter of time before white bank accounts will be frozen and redistributed to the needy. The argument will be typical Malema logic… you can’t need the money if you leave it in the bank earning interest. Whites will not be allowed to leave anything to their descendants and white businesses will need to be black owned.  No sorry… my mistake… we already have that one don’t we? Rather like the Jews before World War 2, whites will look back and wonder why they never saw it coming. Well they probably did but they were too timid to speak out for fear of being labelled racists.